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Hello, I’m Reba. I’m a parent of older twins and a toddler. I felt tired of listening to my fellow parents divide every single activity, party, hair style, toy and item by gender. So, I created  a space for straight allies and LGBTQ+ parents who want to break free from gender restraints. This page is for ALL parents working against gender oppression, even in small ways. We will discuss gender labels, history of gender, my family’s personal journey and any questions you may have. It’s not always comfortable, understandable or likable to live outside the gender binary but that’s why this site exists. I’ll be learning, just like you, how to parent in this new era, what outcomes this parenting style offers for equality,  how to discuss these topics with friends and how to overcome my own internalized biases regarding gender. So, WELCOME, have a seat, get a drink and let’s dive into this together.